Obstetricians can refer their expectant parents by giving them our contact information to schedule a no-fee prenatal meet and greet visit with us.

Expectant Parents

As advocates for children and their families, we pediatricians can support and guide expectant parents in the prenatal period. We happily offer by appointment only, a charge free, 15 to 30 minute prenatal visit, which not only is the first step in establishing a relationship between the family and the pediatrician, but also allows pediatricians to gather basic information to offer expectant parents information and advice and to identify high-risk conditions that may require special care.

Before coming to the visit you may download/print and fill a short pre-visit form for better time management for all of us.

New Parents

New parents ready to be discharged from birth hospital and looking for a pediatrician may call our office and arrange the newborn first appointment for the date advised by the discharging pediatrician

House Pediatricians

House Pediatricians discharging a newborn home and are looking for a pediatrician may give our contact information to the parents.